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What inspired you to pursue a career in language education?

At a young age, I found myself greatly inspired by some exceptional teachers of both English and Spanish, and as I grew, I increasingly recognized how vital effective communication is to our success in life. The ability to give a clear, powerful presentation before clients, to write a persuasive article, to compose an effective cover letter, and to bridge cultures by communicating effectively in a second language all have their roots in the quality of the language education we have enjoyed.

What do you enjoy most about teaching language?

For me, it is incredibly rewarding to hear students say that through my teaching them in class or tutoring them individually, they have discovered that they do have greater ability than they had realized, they have regained their self-confidence, or they have found hope again, after having felt loss in class or at school. Essentially, while it is especially meaningful whenever my students continue to study language beyond high school, for me, what I enjoy most about teaching language is seeing my students succeed at whatever level they study.